Faculty of Finance week of 2016!

Faculty of Finance week of 2016!

From 24 to 28 of October 2016 Faculty of Finance has celebrated its week, which has already become a good annual tradition. Students and teachers have demonstrated their scientific achievements and creative talents.

As with any holiday, Faculty week began with greetings and a sweet picnic.

Also on October 24 under the auspices of the Department of Finance, a VI student scientific conference has took place on the subject of “Problems and prospects of development of the modern financial system of Ukraine”, in which young authors have attempted to present their coverage of scientific questions, present their vision of economic issues.

On October 25th, students have met the advisor of the Chairman of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine V.O. Pishcheyko. The topic of discussion was the role of financial resources in the economy of Ukraine.

By the 160th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Franko, the Department of Modern European Languages has held a National Scientific Student Conference on “European vector of the creative legacy of Ivan Franko”. The conference brought together young scholars of outstanding Ukrainian poet of our Academy, National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv Pedagogical University, National Transport University, and National Aviation University.

Wednesday October 26 was marked by the spirit of sports competition. In the gym a fierce competition took place between the teams of Financial, Economic and Statistical and the Accounting and Auditing faculties. An exciting and emotional battlehas brought great satisfaction to all participants, on the playground prevailed pleasant, friendly atmosphere. Tournament participants competed in relays, demonstrated their power and accuracy. According to the results of all stages of the competition, the third place was given to the team of Economic and Statistical faculty, team of Accounting and Audit was ranked second and the deserved winner was the team of the Faculty of Finance. All participants received the original prize – the opportunity to enjoy free time with their friends in the Dream Town. Thank you teachers of the Department of Physical Education for organizing this great event!

On Thursday, October 27, traditionally, a Nobel reading was held. The Department of Fundamental Economic Disciplines together with students’ of economic partnership «Golden Capital» has organized a round table on the occasion of the award of another one of the most prestigious international awards – the Nobel.

The presentations were shown by Shtel’makh Ilona (gr. 14.04 / 3) Motuzenko Andriy (gr. 14.04 / 2) Krasnozhon Volodymyr (gr. 15.04) Mashchenko Hanna and Kozyar Tetyana (gr. 12.04 / 1) Ibrahimova Lola

(gr. 14.04 / 2) Fedorchuk Ruslan and Shvydka Alina (gr. 12.04 / 3) Krolivets’ Yuliya and Ohiyevych Viktoriya (gr. 13.04 / 2), Aleksyeyeva Valeriya and Herasymchuk Karina (gr. 13.04 / 1).

During the roundtable, issues covering the entire scope of Nobel awards were discussed – from the foundation and up to date. Particular attention was paid to the winners of the Nobel Prize in economics. The participants learned that all though among Nobel Prize Winners were no Ukrainian citizens, Ukraine is home to seven Nobel laureates. However, among the world-famous Nobel laureates are scientists, writers and artists who were born or grew, lived and worked in Ukraine or have Ukrainian origin. So we have much to be proud and to whom to be equal!

The highlight of the week was the musical-literary composition “Among sword and fire, arrow and mace, the deadliest weapon – is female’s grace” (a collection of the works of Ivan Franko’s “Withered Leaves”), prepared by students of the science club “Montenegro” ( “word and time”) under the supervision of the department of modern European languages, Z.D. Varavkina and O.D. Yakovenko and teachers of the Academy. A surprise to all was the performance of poetry of Ivan Franko by the head of the department of Correspondence and Distance Learning L.V. Deryhlazov and Dean of the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing O.I. Pylypenko. The audience got an unforgettable experience and has found some new creative talents of our team.

The Week has ended with the presentation “Autumn colors of the native land”. These creative works were presented by the student groups 15.04, 14.04 / 3, 13.04 / 1, 2.

We express our gratitude to all students, faculty and staff of the Academy who supported and joined us in celebrating the 16th anniversary of the Faculty of Finance!

See you next year!

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