Department of Management, Marketing and Public Administration

Групове фото відсутнє.In response to the requirement to prepare specialists of new formation, being able to make proper decisions under conditions of Ukraine’s entering the world economic system, the Department of Management of Foreign Economic Activity was set up in the Department of Statistics, Economic Cybernetics, and Management in 2005.

The Department of Management of Foreign Economic Activity was established aiming at performing organizational, educational, scientific, and bringing up work while preparing future managers in area of foreign economic activities.

Head of Department

  • Larysa V. Lazorenko, DSc. in Economics, Professor.

The Department fulfills its activities aiming at organizing and running of educational process at the proper scientific and methodical level teaching the disciplines determined by the education program. Its purpose is to prepare future managers and to let students acquire appropriate knowledge, abilities, and skills in the area of international management.

The Department of Management of Foreign Economic Activity is graduating and carries out specialist preparation due to the specialization 0306 “Management and Administrating” and field “Management of Foreign Economic Activity” by all educational-qualification levels, as follows:

  • Bachelor;
  • Specialist;
  • Master.

Students’ preparation is carried out by leading full, Associate Professors, and lecturers who are actively involved in scientific, methodical, and practical activities. That allows the students to be prepared at the level of up-to-date world standards. These tasks are performed by means of theory and practice integration, also the effectiveness of innovative technologies application in the educational process.

In the course of education by the chosen direction, the students acquire knowledge regarding the ways of company operation optimization, the laws of economic development under market economical conditions, international economics, borrowing and lending, accounting, finance, taxation, customs business, effectiveness of organization-economic processes, the specificity of organization and administration of foreign economic activities.

Currently, the scientific-pedagogical potential of the Department is concentrated on the active students involving into research and development aiming at the search of talented youth so that they could further become post-graduate students in the Academy; to form for the Department’s need the highly qualified experts having up-to-date thinking and good command in computer technologies, and speaking foreign languages fluently.

The Department arranges on the annual basis the international scientific conference for both students and professors ‘Business-analytics in foreign economic activities management’. Its results are published in the special volumes of scientific works. Their authors are scientists and lecturers, specialists in management and international economic relations, doctorates, post-graduates, and students of economics of Ukraine’s universities and colleges of higher education.

International educational and scientific relations of the Department of Foreign Economic Activity are an important factor in the continuous improvement of education level due to modern international requirements. The main directions of international cooperation are the following: Advance training of lecturers; training and exchange of lecturers; participation in international conferences and seminars; joint research carrying out with foreign colleagues; the publication of scientific articles; participation in international programs and projects.

The aim of international cooperation is the standardization of certain types of research and teaching in accordance with international rules and requirements (standards of market research international markets, assessment factors of international economic cooperation and development indicators) and organization of training courses in accordance with modern requirements and technologies used by leading universities of the world.

Department’s faculty maintains close scientific relations with national and foreign institutions and establishments. Faculty have had Advanced training as well as have held lectures and have participated in conferences in universities in Germany, Poland, France, Great Britain, USA.

Contact information


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