Department of Administrative and Economic Support

The Department of Administrative and Economic Support is responsible for the economic support of the educational process, for the maintenance of the appropriate sanitary and hygienic condition of educational, office and domestic premises. It organizes the life and leisure of staff and students in educational buildings, dormitories and adjacent areas. It organizes activities for landscaping, planting of greenery and cleaning of the territory.

The main functions and functions of the department:

  • strengthening and development of material and technical base and social sphere of the Academy;
  • material and technical support of the educational process and organization of living conditions;
  • organization of functioning of engineering and support systems, networks and equipment of premises;
  • creation of appropriate working conditions for employees and students of the Academy, as well as their residence;
  • maintenance in proper condition of all educational, domestic and office premises in the buildings;
  • meeting the needs of the Academy in furniture, inventory, equipment, cultural and household items, operational and construction materials, transport etc.;
  • concluding contracts for the implementation of design and estimate documentation, repair and construction works, maintenance, garbage removal and other economic needs;
  • control over the preservation and proper use of fuel and energy resources, furniture, household, cultural and household equipment, building materials, vehicles;
  • control over the observance of safety precautions and fire safety rules in the educational buildings and the dormitory of the Academy.

Head of department


Leonid I. Shendryk

Position: Head of department
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Head of economy


Mariia I. Liahera

Position: Head of economy
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Medical worker


Liudmyla P. Ovramenko

Position: Medical worker
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