Department of Philosophy, Law and Social-Humanitarian Disciplines

Групове фото відсутнє.In 1999 at the Institute of Statistics, Accounting and Audit was established the Department of Humanities and General subjects (Head of Department – Ph.D. in pedagogics, professor Halyna B. Cherusheva).

In 2001, due to the opening of Graduate School and the requirements of HAC of Ukraine department was renamed to the Department of Philosophy, Social disciplines and Humanities (order No 46 from 28 December 2001) – head of Department Ph.D. in pedagogics, professor Halyna B. Cherusheva.

In September 2007, by the order of the rector department was divided on the Department of Social Disciplines and Humanities (Head of Department – Ph.D. in pedagogics, professor Halyna B. Cherusheva) and the Department of Philosophy (Head of Department – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Ivan F. Nadolnyi).

Considering the processes of integration of Social disciplines and Humanities became expedient the unification of Philosophy and Social disciplines and Humanities Departments into single Department of Philosophy, Social Disciplines and Humanities what was realized on the 24th of September in 2012 (head of Department – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Ivan F. Nadolnyi, Honoured worker of education of Ukraine, unanimously elected by Academic Council of NASAA to this post by competition.

Head of Department

  • Tetiana V. Havryliuk, Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor.

Contact information


Office #96 (6th floor), 1, Pidhirna str., NASAA, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04107

tel.: +380 (44) 486-73-25

In the base of the department concept is the task – the formation of convincing qualities and self-determination of future specialist in the system of universal values, to familiarize students with the global and local cultural heritage, training specialists for independent, active and creative life in the new economic, social and cultural conditions.

In organization of educational, methodical, scientific activity department is governed by the Laws of Ukraine “On Education”, “On Higher Education”, “On scientific and technical activity” and other legal acts, which are regulating public relations in the field of education and producing, and specifying their requirements for features  of socio-economic life of society, the modern requirements of global, European and national experience in mainstreaming of new forms and methods of training and education according to the globalization challenges, education comprehensively and harmoniously developed personalities, with high morality, pluralistic outlook and devotion to the interests of Ukraine .

Now the department has 12 teachers, including DSc, professors – 5, PhD, associate professors – 7. The average age of teachers is 50 years. Most of them have special education, significant scientific and pedagogical experience. They сontently learn new methods of teaching and training lots of leading domestic and foreign higher educational institutions, are actively using them in practical, scientific, educational, cultural and pedagogical activities among bachelors, specialists, masters and postgraduates.