Personnel Department

The Personnel Department is an independent structural subdivision of the Academy, the main objectives of which are: meeting the need for qualified employees and their effective use, ensuring compliance with the principles of personnel selection based on their professional and business qualities according to the requirements of current legislation, staff development forecasting, documentation of labor relations.
The main objectives and functions of the department:

  • Organization and systematic improvement of staffing.
  • Acceptance of documents for concluding fixed-term employment contracts and contracts with the research and teaching staff.
  • Registration of documents when concluding employment contracts with the support staff.
  • Organization of work on the selection by competition of persons for vacant positions of scientific and pedagogical employees of the Academy.
  • Calculation of the teaching staff number of the departments.
  • Personal reception of citizens on the issues within the competence of the personnel department.

Contact Information


Office № 22, street Pidhirna, 1, NASAA, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04107

phone: +380 (44) 484-49-41

Head of Department


Tetiana V. Arzhanova

Position: Head of Department, inspector of the chancellery
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