Department of Education Quality Monitoring, Licensing and Accreditation

The Department for Monitoring the Quality of Education, Licensing and Accreditation is a structural unit of the Academy, whose work is aimed at improving the quality of the educational process and ensuring an effective quality system for the provision of educational services to higher education applicants through constant monitoring of the components of the educational process.

Main tasks:

  • organization of constant monitoring of the quality of the educational process at the Academy;
  • preparation of reports on monitoring the quality of individual components of the educational process;
  • implementation and improvement of the system and quality control of the educational process at the Academy;
  • monitoring the quality of educational services and ensuring the training of specialists in accordance with the standards of higher education;
  • preparation of documents for licensing and accreditation of educational programs at the Academy.

Head of Department


Liliia M. Shatylo

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