Department for Work with Foreign Students

Групове фото відсутнє.The Department for Work with Foreign Students is a structural department of the National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit. Department works to ensure the effective work of the Academy in the formation of a contingent and the organization of educational services to foreigners and stateless persons.

The main activities of the Division are:

  • Research on the international market for educational services that the Academy can provide regarding training for foreigners.
  • Formation of the system and concept of recruitment of foreigners to study at the Academy.
  • Work on giving training invitations and recording them.
  • Timely submission of necessary data regarding the education of foreigners in the Electronic Journal of the Ukrainian State Center for International Education.
  • Ensuring the legality of foreigners staying in Ukraine legally.
  • Work with business entities engaged in recruitment of foreigners for training, in accordance with the concluded contracts (contracts).
  • Coordination and information support of the activities of the faculties and departments of the Academy concerning the organization of training of foreigners, which provides training of specialists of educational levels and meets the standards of higher education.
  • Development and implementation of innovative forms and methods of training taking into account the needs of the international market of educational services.
  • Development of draft orders.
  • Provision of official reporting on foreigners in the areas of work of the Division.
  • Providing timely registration of the license for training of foreigners, re-registration in case of their expiration.
  • Studying changes in the regulatory framework for licensing of foreigners, enrolling them in training and conditions of stay in Ukraine, summarizing the information received.
  • Organization of formation, accounting and storage of personal belongings of foreigners studying at the Academy.
  • Ensuring compliance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine on passport and visa-registration regimes of foreigners, organization of health insurance.
  • Ensuring cultural and spiritual development of the individual, socialization of foreigners studying at the Academy, carrying out educational and cultural and educational work.
  • Maintaining contacts with foreigners who have graduated from the Academy in order to disseminate and promote the educational and scientific achievements of the Academy, to involve in cooperation in the field of education and science of foreign higher education institutions, organizations, companies, and individual citizens.
  • Work with national associations of foreigners.
  • Carrying out promotional activities, including production of materials in foreign languages.
  • Submission of organizational assistance to foreigners in issuing foreign educational documents in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation.

You can find out the amount of tuition fees and the conditions for admission to the Academy, the necessary documents and the deadlines for their submission on the page “Foreign students“.

Contact Information


Office #27, Department for Work with Foreign Students, NASAA

tel.: +380 (44) 482-76-27, +380 (50) 387-24-96


Staff of the Department