Living conditions of foreign students

The Academy has Student Hostel. Student Hostel is a capital building that meets the modern requirements of state building rules and regulations, its technical condition is satisfactory, meets sanitary and epidemiological standards and provides normal ergonomic requirements (temperature, humidity, lighting, etc.).

The hostel regularly repairs, in particular, the windows of the hostel installed plastic windows, replaced the stairs to more comfortable and modern, staircase on the floors converted into light cozy foyer, annually at the beginning of the school year undergoes ongoing repairs.

District heating and dormitories are centralized.

General technical inspections of buildings are carried out once a year. During the inspection the volume of works on the current repair of buildings is specified.

For the accommodation of foreign students, major repairs and reconstruction of the rooms of the seventh, eighth and ninth floors of the hostel were carried out and brought in line with the modern requirements of technical progress. Foreign students are offered comfortable rooms for 2-4 beds, a bathroom in each block. Each student has their own set of furniture: a bed, a wardrobe, a table, a chair. Upstairs there is a kitchen where students can cook, laundry facilities.

At the entrance is the next one, who follows the order around the clock. The student can ask him any question at any time. In addition, security guards (security firm “Security Corporation, contract SK №56 of 17.12.2018) are on duty in the hostel, which follow the law and order.

There is a psychologist in the staff of the Academy who will help foreign students to adapt to living conditions in Ukraine, in the hostel in particular.