Department of correspondence and distance learning

Modern job market requires specialists who possess independent and creative thinking and are able to successfully use their knowledge under ever changing and challenging social and work environments. The Correspondence Department of National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit aims at training exactly this kind of experts.

The Department coordinates and directs all the educational and training activities carried by various chairs and other divisions of the Academy that are responsible for the continuing education, distance learning and extramural studies of students.

The main goal of the Department is providing the base for quality post-graduate education of students that enroll in extramural studies and their training as specialists for government bodies, state and tax administrations, treasury, private enterprises and other institutions.

Lessons schedule

  • Schedule for students the Correspondence Department.

The Department’s lecturers are well-known professors, associate professors and instructors who are active in scientific, methodological and practical aspects of teaching. This allows for the top-notch preparation of future experts through integration of theory and practice with the use of modern technologies introduced into the educational process.


The Department is licensed through the Academy to provide the following educational programs divided by qualifications and areas of expertise:


  • Field – 0305 “Economics and Enterprising”:
    • Specialization 6.030508 “Finance and Credit”
    • Specialization 6.030509 “Accounting and Audit”
  • Field – 0306 “Management and Administration”:
    • Specialization 6.030601 “Management”


  • Field – 0305 – “Economics and Enterprising”:
    • Specialization 8.03050601 “Applied Statistics”
    • Specialization 8.03050901 “”Accounting and Audit”
    • Specialization 8.03050801 “Finance and Credit”
  • Field – 0306 “Management and Administration”:
    • Specialization 8.03060104 “Management of Foreign Economic Activity”

Contact information


Office #205, 1, Pidhirna str., NASAA, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04107

tel.: +380 (44) 484-47-74, +380 (67) 402-17-92, +380 (68) 663-53-28