Center for Implementation of Advanced Information Technologies

The main goal of the Center for Implementation of Advanced Information Technologies (CIAIT) is the introduction, administration and support of new information technologies in educational, economic, scientific, managerial and other activities of NASAA, support and development of computer networks of the Academy.

The main objectives of CIAIT:

  • coordination of the Academy’s departments on information technologies, informatization and computerization;
  • ensuring access of structural units of the Academy to networks, databases of educational, scientific, educational and scientific, economic, commercial, normative legal and reference information;
  • development and implementation of measures for stable operation, sustainable development and improvement of information systems of the Academy;
  • maintenance of operation of software and information systems in the departments of the Academy;
  • administration of the information environment and servers of the Academy’s networks;
  • search, adaptation and implementation of new software products and systems in the Academy;
  • introduction of the latest information technologies aimed at improving the quality of education;
  • ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of computer equipment in the departments of the Academy;
  • installation, maintenance and administration of information systems for accounting of funds, fixed assets, contracts (paid education, student hostel accommodation, rent) and databases for the calculation and accounting of wages, accrual and payment of scholarships;
  • organization of cryptographic protection through the use of electronic digital signatures;
  • administration of the official website of the Academy and its departments and administration of pages in social networks;
  • development and maintenance of the software part of the official website of the Academy;
  • organization of repair of computer equipment and refilling of cartridges;
  • execution of works on commissioning and maintenance of technical means of network and telecommunication equipment;
  • formation and implementation of information security policy of the Academy, conducting the work to protect information from computer viruses, unauthorized access and other actions and threats to information security;
  • control over the order of creation, storage, accounting and use of backup and archival copies of databases of information systems for management of the educational process, economic activity and electronic document management.
  • implementing the policy of using licensed software used in the Academy;
  • providing advice on working in the environment of information systems for managing the educational process.

Contact information


Office №53, 1, Pidhirna str., NASAA, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04107

tel.: +380 (44) 489-42-31
e-mail: —

Head of Department


Oleksii M. Bets

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Oleksii M. Izosimov

Position: Deputy Director in CIMIT
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