Foreign students

If you want to have the right profession and a highly paid job, join the ranks of the students of our higher education institution. Graduates of the Academy receive a European degree diploma.

The Academy has a license to train foreign students. License MON – AE No. 527454 of 05.11.2014.

Our specialties


  • Applied Statistics and Analytics
  • Economic Cybernetics

Accounting and Taxation

  • Accounting, Audit and Taxation

Finance, Banking and Insurance

  • Finance
  • Banking business


  • International Management

You can find more detailed information about our specialties and educational programs.

The National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit provides training in the degrees of higher education of bachelor, master and specialist. The Academy is the basic higher educational institution for the training and professional development of employees of state statistics bodies of Ukraine, as well as the leading research center in the field of statistics, accounting and audit.

The Academy supports fruitful educational, scientific and cultural ties with the leading specialized universities in Europe.

Tuition fees

The stage of higher education Full-time form of study Distance learning
Bachelor $ 1 500,00 per year $ 1 000,00 per year
Master’s degree $ 1 800,00 per year $ 1 200,00 per year
preparatory department $ 1 000,00 per year
$ 1 200,00 per year (English)

Conditions for Admission to the Academy

  • Foreign citizens are admitted to the Academy by the results of the interview.
  • Languages ​​of instruction – Ukrainian, English.

Required documents:

List of documents for admission:

  1. Statement;
  2. Original document on education and inserts (certificate, diploma of graduation);
  3. Birth certificate;
  4. A medical certificate of health, certified by the official health authority of the country, from which the student arrived and was issued not later than two months before departure for training in Ukraine.
  5. Copy of a foreigner’s passport or document that confirms a stateless person translated into Ukrainian and certified by a notary;
  6. A valid health insurance policy;
  7. 6 photos in the size 30х40 mm and 4 photos in the size 35х45 mm on matte paper;

The documents indicated in points 2-4 must be translated into Ukrainian and notarized.

Graduates of the Academy are competitive and in demand in the labor market in Ukraine and abroad. A successful professional career begins with us!