The advantages of training at the Academy

If you want to get a quality economic education by European standards with subsequent well-paid job and a prospect of professional carrier growth, you are invited to join the company of students of the National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit!

1. The National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit (NASAA) is a modern and successful public higher education establishment of economic profile, IV accreditation level.

The National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit is an important HEE belonging to the top ten economic HEEs of Ukraine.

The goal of NASSA is to prepare competitive professionals by international standards; to provide professional education at qualification levels of bachelor, specialist, and master in the context of the emerging market relations in Ukraine.

NASAA could create an education and professional environment excellently fit for the professional training with focus on the personality as the core social value of the community, at which all the intellectual, communicational and emotional resources are directed.

The quality of education is the principal criterion of professional training of future economists!

NASAA will give you a good chance to get a prestigious education combining the comprehensive training of economist, business analyst, software designer, and researcher.

2. Highly competent lecturing staff of NASAA

The NASAA’s staff consists of highly competent professionals: holders of PhD and doctoral diplomas, professors and associated professors, including correspondent members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, honored economists of Ukraine, honored activists of science and technology of Ukraine, honored education workers of Ukraine, national artists of Ukraine, State Prize laureates.

High level of teaching and availability of innovation teaching technologies allow NASAA to produce specialists in economic fields with high level of professional competencies and ability for creative thinking, taking independent unconventional management decisions, solving sophisticated problems in economics, organization and management, analyzing and forecasting financial and economic performance, managing economic entities in market conditions, and establishing foreign economic relations.

3. Research achievements of NASAA

NASAA is a leading research and methodical center in Ukraine on economic & statistical, economic & mathematical and financial & economic studies, and studies of the national auditing system.

The post-graduate and doctoral course of NASAA is engaged in training of research and research & lecturing staff in the specialties “Statistics”, “Accounting, analysis and audit”.

NASAA has the incorporated Specialized Scientific Board entitled to accept, for critical review and subsequent defense, dissertations for PhD and Dsc in applied economics.

NASAA incorporates the National Center for Accounting and Audit providing professional training for obtaining the auditor certificate, as well as retraining and professional development of auditors across Ukraine.

4. International mobility of NASAA students

As part of the international cooperation activities, NASAA recommends best students for education, internship or practical training in leading relevant HEEs of France, Poland and Georgia, with which international scientific relations have been set with launching student exchange.

5. Terms of student education in NASAA

An alternative of traditional educational process is the humanistic pattern of professional training of future economists, based on the following principles:

  • the outpacing character of the professional education system in fostering the readiness of professionals to solve important socio-economic problems;
  • dialog interactions and democratization of teacher-student relations, with implementing the ideas of cooperation pedagogy in the HEE practice;
  • consistency, gradualism, and problematic nature of the education process;
  • differentiation and individualization in organization of the education process, with due consideration to propensities and individual features of students.

The education process in based on programs and plans elaborated by leading scientists of NASAA with consideration to domestic experiences and practices in related European HEEs.

Theoretical education of students is supplemented by practical training and pre-diploma courses. The practical training is conducted on the basis of leading research institutions and industrial enterprises of various ownership forms, within the State Statistics Service of Ukraine and regional statistical offices, the National Bank of Ukraine, financial and banking institutions.

Students have at their disposal education buildings, comfortable auditoriums, linguistic laboratories, a library, reading rooms and computer classrooms, a canteen, a dormitory, sports halls and grounds. The conditions for military training are available for young male students.

The National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit  has created favorable conditions for research and creative work of students, building up leadership capacities of future professionals, fostering creativity in each personality, international cooperation.

Research clubs and creative associations of various profiles available in NASAA help students implement their creative abilities. Students of NASAA take active part in research work, international and All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conferences, All-Ukrainian student Olympiads on statistics and accounting, in round-table discussions on economic issues, in competitions, in the activities of the students’ scientific society. Our students have been repeated winners of professional Olympiads. The best students receive nominal stipends and premiums.

6. Demand for NASAA students

NASAA prepares highly competent professionals for the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the Ministry for Finance of Ukraine, the State Taxation Administration, public and private banks, financial institutions of Ukraine and other domestic business entities.

The economic education acknowledged in Ukraine and beyond!

NASAA graduates enjoy a high demand on the labor market. Nearly 100 percent of young professionals have guaranteed job placement.

7. Student life

NASAA has created the conditions for active leisure and amateur performances, artistic and literature activities, excursions, traveling, sports.

Participating in the students’ self-governance is an important step to fostering leadership qualities in each person.

The successful professional carrier starts with us!

The exciting leisure combined with training makes student years unforgettable.