Petrikivsky’ Charming flowers

Petrikivsky’ Charming flowers

It has become a tradition that the members of the scientific student circle “SICH” discover the unique world of Ukrainian artists and introduce all of the NASAA students to them. During the 2015-2016, workshop members have organized an exhibition of reproductions of paintings of Shevchenko, Catherine Bilokur and Mariya Pryimachenko.

On February 24, the members of the workshop “SICH” held a round table on “Unique art Petrikivsky – the pride of Ukraine” (it is listed as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, 2013).

II year student Julia Ur described the history of Petrikivsky or “Petrykivka” – Ukrainian ornamental decorative folk painting, which emerged in Dnipropetrovsk, in the village of Petrykivka from where the name of this art comes from. In the XVII century “Petrykivka” has become an integral part of Ukrainian culture: people painted ornate floral pattern not only on houses, huts, wall ovens, but also on dishes, boxes, furniture and more. The owners, whose home was not painted ornaments in the village are not respected, considering them morally poor.

Olga Petrik, a first year student, has made a presentation on the original technique of painting. The main element in flower ornaments is a symbol of Ukrainian nature (hollyhocks, peonies, asters, and even those who were invented by masters themselves). Interestingly, the master brushes were made from cat breast hair. Therefore ornaments came out neat and easy. Often drawing was performed by using fingers.

Olga Petrik presented has her work – a chair and a box decorated with a Petrikivsky painting “Asters”.
Magic of Petrikivsky has captivated not only our hearts but also glorified the whole world of talented folk artists of Ukraine.

Remember that exquisite and unique Petrikivsky – is yet an another great reason to be proud a Ukrainian.

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