Olympiad of specialty of “Accounting and Auditing”, 2017

Olympiad of specialty of “Accounting and Auditing”, 2017

On February 23, 2017 teachers of the Department of Accounting and Audit have conducted the 1st stage of Ukrainian Olympiad of specialty of “Accounting and Auditing”.

Olympiad’ participants were students of III-V years and specialty 8.03050901 6.030509 “Accounting and Audit”. During the contest, students-participants have performed a written job that combines knowledge of subjects “Accounting”, “Financial Accounting 1-2”, “Management Accounting”, “Business analysis” and “Audit”. By the results of the Olympiad in NASAA the winners were:

Among the students of 3rd year:

  1. place – Kharchenko Nelya.
  2. place – Tymoshenko Ol’ha, Kovalenko Kateryna, Manoyil Liya.
  3. place – Ishchuk Mykhaylo

Among the students of the 4th year:

  1. place – Reshetnyk Tetyana
  2. place – Shybets’kyy Volodymyr
  3. place – Holik Yana

Among the students of the 5th year:

  1. place – Parkhomenko Valentyna
  2. place – Peresada Kateryna
  3. place – Nechytaylo Tetyana

The 5th year winners year of the 1st stage of the student Olympiad in the specialty of “Accounting and Auditing” will represent our academy in the 2nd stage of the Ukrainian student Olympiad in the Alfred-Nobel University, April 12-14, 2017.

We wish our students more success and victory!

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