Kruty – a battle for the future of Ukraine!

Kruty – a battle for the future of Ukraine!

Heroes of Krut are the Cyborgs of 1918! The Battle of Kruty is a symbol of the heroism of Ukrainian youth.

It was the cold January day in 1918, the young men, who never held arms, stood against a fierce enemy, they were the students of Kiev University of St. Vladimir and pupils of the Kirillo-Methodius Brotherhood gymnasium, there were three hundred of them. They not only deterred the enemy, but also caused a significant defeat to the “red horde”!

Despite decades of oblivion and active rewriting of history by “Soviet historians”, Ukrainians always remember the Kruty Heroes – the children of Ukraine, who gave their lives for its future.

On January 26, 2018, NASAA held a Memorial Day, dedicated to the Heroes, who fell in a terrible battle at Kruty. During the event, first-year students of NASAA and students of the College had the opportunity to relive the events of Ukrainian history, where the heroic feat of the young men who fought for the independence of the young Ukrainian state was inscribed. Patriotic poems were dedicated to the memory of the heroes of Krut, a revised extract from the feature film screenwriter Olha Krizchevsky “Unconquered. Grigory Pipsky “(about the Galician schoolboy, who in response to the humiliation before the shooting began to sing the anthem of Ukraine), inspiring students to patriotism, bringing up love for the Motherland.

By the Day of Memory of the Krut Heroes, members of the scientific student circle “SICH” prepared a wall exhibition “The Way to Eternity. Kruty – the battle for the future of Ukraine” Students of the College of Business and Analytics: V.Tkach, E.Litvinenko, A.Sidletskaya, D.Sadovnikov, A.Stryukov were active participants in the event. The event dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Kruty was prepared by Zinaida Dmitrievna, the head of the student’s circle “SICH”, the teacher of the Foreign Languages ​​Department.

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