The Academy held a public defense for masters

The Academy held a public defense for masters

In January 2018, the Academy certified the applicants for higher education at the level of the Master in the form of public protection of master’s theses in “Accounting and taxation” (Master’s programs “Accounting and taxation in the management of entrepreneurial activities”, and accredited ACCA “Accounting and audit in the management of business , “Finance, Banking and Insurance” (Master’s programs “Financial Management”, “Financial Management in Business”, “Bank Management”), Management “(on the master’s program” Management of foreign economic activity “) and” Economics “(on the master’s program” Economic Cybernetics “).

In the process of defense of master’s works, students demonstrated mastery of the methodology of scientific research, modern advanced technologies and methods of collecting, processing and presenting scientific information. The master’s works presented for defense were topical; they had a high level of presentation of the material, a practical orientation.

Graduates demonstrated profound knowledge and professional competence in the specialty.

Based on the diplomas of the second level of higher education (masters), graduates who studied for the ACCA-certified program “Accounting and audit in managing business” will receive confirmation of the credits entered in the exams of the Association.

Fundamental knowledge and interesting reports were demonstrated by masters of specialties:

  • “Accounting and taxation” – I.Baranenko, V.Holub, K.Kovbasco, A.Oleinik, V.Parkhomenko, K.Peresada, M.Tkachuk, A.Kolyada, L.Heraskina, I.Kostyana, K.Lysenko;
  • “Finances, Banking and Insurance” – M.Kolomiets, H.Ohnivo, A.Hlushko, P.Lavrinchuk, Y.Dmitrenko, T.Vorontsova, R.Tereshchenko;
  • “Management” – A.Ivankov, A.Pichkur, P.Pinchuk;
  • “Economy” – A.Perkhun, J.Antonenko, A.Zhurzha, I.Merezhko, A.Rakitskaya.

Congratulations to the master students on their successful defense!

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