17 years of the Faculty of Finance and Economics

17 years of the Faculty of Finance and Economics

From October 30 to November 3, the Faculty of Finance and Economics celebrated its 17th anniversary.

The week started with chess and checker tournaments.

One famous writer, chess lover, Stefan Zweig noted that:

Chess is both a science and an art, or rather,
it is something in between these two concepts.

So, students, who love to play the game of chess and checkers, were both scientists and creators of interesting games and brave moves. Among the girls in the chess tournament, T. Bondarenko, a student of the first year, took the first place. Among the boys: D. Hilya, M. Gavrilyuk and E.Yakovenko (first-year students) became winners.

Chess is not the oldest game in the world, it has reached Europe through the Islamic world. The expression “check mate” comes from the Persian word “Shakmat”, and means “the king is dead.”

The majority of participants in the game of chess received mat from students-winners V. Kravchenko, O. Tsvika and E. Gahramonova.

Teachers of the Academy also took an active part in the chess-checkers tournament. In all the parties, the head of the Department of Economic Cybernetics and Mathematical Methods, Professor V. Kadievsky, won.

On Tuesday, October 31, annual traditional volleyball competitions for the rector’s cup took place. The teams of the Faculty of Accounting and Statistics and the Faculty of Finance and Economics competed. The teams demonstrated an interesting and uncompromising struggle, because everyone was striving to get a victory over their rivals. Congratulations to the winners – the team of the Faculty of Finance and Economics, we wish everyone productive workouts, new victories and a strong team spirit! Thanks to teachers of physical education and students, they make bring sport glory to NASAA!

Halloween is one of the most fun and beloved student holidays. Because, according to popular beliefs, it is on this day that we must do amazing things: guessing, wearing unusual costumes, disturbing and fearful masks, to confuse ghosts and all evil spirits.

The students and teachers of the Academy joined this holiday, taking part in the theatrical performance “The Big Sabbath”. Witches, Dracula, King of Darkness conducted various witchcraft, competitions, games. A costume parade was held, the winners received candy-prizes. Students decorated the halls with the attributes of the holiday: Jack-O’-lanterns, witches with sharp hats, bats, black cats. And the holiday ended with a disco. All the participants of the Halloween party are grateful to the organizers of the holiday – the students of the Academy and the College of Business and Analytics: V. Tkach, A. Denisyuk, T. Kulinich, M. Mekhov, A. Sholokhova, Y. Melnichenko, A. Mitusov.

On Wednesday, November 1, the Nobel readings were traditionally held. The Department of
Economics and Entrepreneurship together with the student economic society “Economist” organized a roundtable on the occasion of the award in 2017 of one of the most prestigious international prizes – the Nobel Prize in Economics.

V. Alexeyevaand, K. Herasimchuk (13.04 / 2), O. Haiduk (15.01), A. Karpets (15.01),
D. Hunenyuk (15.01), E. Kololyan (15.01), V. Boris (15.01), V. Ryabov (15.01), A. Luhovskaya (16.07), A. Nikolayenko (16.07), D. Hunko (16.04).

Scientific achievements of students are reflected in the work of the VII student scientific-practical conference “Problems and prospects of the modern development of the financial system of Ukraine.” Their scientific achievements were presented by students: K. Herasimchuk (13.04 / 2), V. Alekseeva (13.04 / 2), I. Krivoshey (13.04 / 1), E. Malakhov (13.04 / 2), M. Lysenko (14.04 / 2), T. Stasyuk (14.04 / 3), S. Rukhalo (13.04 / 2). The reports of the students reflected actual problems of the development of financial support for the activities of state enterprises, insurance companies, innovative investment, as well as the development trends in the financial support system for the education sector.

On Thursday, November 2, the spirit of sports competitions raged in the Academy! On the sports ground the struggle continued between six teams of the Financial and Economic, Accounting and Statistics Faculties and the College of Business and Analytics. A fascinating, emotional struggle brought great sporting pleasure to all participants of the competitions, a pleasant, friendly atmosphere reigned on the sports ground. In a stubborn struggle, the team of the College “Sports Brigade” won. Congratulations to all the participants and thank the fans for their warm support!

And at the end of the week the Academy was decorated with compositions of students of the College and the Academy “Autumn colors of the native land”.

We express our sincere gratitude to all the students, teachers and staff of the Academy and the College of Business and Analytics who supported us and celebrated the 17th anniversary of the Faculty of Finance and Economics together with us!

See you next year!

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