World Poetry Day – 2019

World Poetry Day – 2019

There is no doubt that poetry is important in the spiritual enrichment of people. It is designed to excite, delight, cultivate certain feelings, unite the nation and unite humanity.

That is why in 1999, the UNESCO’s 30th Session set the World Poetry Day, a day that is celebrated every year on March 21st. It was first celebrated on March 21, 2000 in Paris, where UNESCO headquarters are located.

On the eve of the World Day of Poetry on March 19, the students and teachers of our Academy participated in the literary and musical composition: “Poetry is uniqueness, an immortal touch of the soul.”

Favorite poems by well-known poets were performed in Russian, English, and German. The poetry was performed not only by students, but also by teachers: L. Momotiuk, V. Parkhomenko, F. Motsny, M. Telovata, M. Horyunova, O. Pilipenko, I. Stohniy, O. Zahorodnya.

The poetry of Lina Kostenko were also performed at the event, as her birthday happen to fall on the same exact day.

Also, the participants of the event had the opportunity to declare their first poetry creations. And let it be the first attempts, however – they were written with all of their hearts.

The greatest attention and appreciation of the listeners have earned the performances of our friends – students from different countries of the world. They read poetry and sang songs in English, Turkmen, Turkish, French and Arabic. Particularly we would like to note the performance of the patriotic song “About Freedom” to the ensemble of students from Morocco.

The event was ended by the performanceof the immortal song called “ChervonaRuta” by VolodimirIvasyuk.

Congratulations to all the participants of the World Day of Poetry! Let poetry fill your hearts with boundless love, give you inspiration and a good mood!

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