Victory, Holy Victory!

Victory, Holy Victory!

On the eve of the Victory Day, the Academy held literary and musical composition “Victory, Holy Victory”.

8 May – a day of sorrow and sadness,
9 May – … and memory alive.

Memory alive … It lives in old photographs and yellowed letters, war films and songs.

Participants felt a living breathing memory while listening to and singing the songs of the war years, watching excerpts of war chronicles.

Insightful songs were performed by the Dean of Finance Department, V. Parkhomenko (“До свидания, мальчики” (“Farewell, boys”)) and D. Serba (“Высота” (“Height”)). With a great sense of lyricism senior lecturer of the Department of Modern European Manguages ​​read the poem “Мой милый, если б не было войны…” (“My darling, if there would have been no war …”

The most popular songs of the war years were performed by students of the Faculty of Finance and the Faculty of Accounting and Audit: Y. Maystruk, I. Odesyuk, V. Psurtseva.

For the first time, the band “Butymyr” has performed to students. A first year student of the Academy, A. Samara is a part of it. The band has performed Ukrainian folk songs as well.

Literary and musical composition were performed by the graduate of the Academy A. Sinyakov and a Vth year student A. Kolyada. Freshmen Y. Chukhno and V. Smetana has debuted as the hosts of the show.

We remember the costs of victory in World War II, and we know how important the peace in the world.

We want a live with no war!
We want fortune to all!

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