Under The Cupid

Under The Cupid

On February 14 almost everywhere on Earth people celebrate the holiday of love, the feast of the best feeling that envelops, gives strength and inspiration, joy and admiration. And thanks to these feelings the life on earth continues. Love is not only a sense of humanity and nobility. It has a very great power.

Love is a holy feeling that deserves its own holiday. This day is called Valentine’s Day. Why is it called Valentine’s?

There are many versions on how it went about. According to one of them, we learn that in the 3rd century. B.C. Roman emperor forbade young people marrying each other. He believed that marriage makes men to be bad soldiers. The young bishop Valentine violated the order of the emperor and secretly married the young couples. For this he was thrown into prison.

There Valentine fell in love with the blind daughter of a prisoner. Before the end of his love, he sent a flyer-confession in love with the signature “From Valentine”. Since then people in love send anonymous confession letters and they are called “valentines”.

This day of love was also celebrated at the National Academy of Statistics of Accounting and Audit. This year’s holiday of sympathy, attention to each other and love was held in the form of a show-game “Under the Cupid”.

Five boys and girls responded to the tricky questions of the presidents, held various contests, and most importantly, picked those who they liked the most.

The boys demonstrated their knowledge of construction equipment, sewn buttons, demonstrated their physical form and even danced for the sake of the girls. Girls instead showed their knowledge in cooking and the ability, if necessary, to score a nail and the willingness to help the boys in any situation.

Even the hosts of the holiday, the first-year students of the KBA, Yana Smyhula and Oleksander Koloshva, came to the aid of the participants so that they could best show themselves.

In order for participants to have a better look at each other, the hosts offered them a pair of contests. In them, the boys and girls found each other with the names of couples known to the whole world with their love, tried to understand each other without words, spoke and accepted compliments, and jointly produced “valentines” and gave them to the audience. There were also poetry of love and singing of the 5th year students of NASAA Yulia Maystruk, as well as the sexy dance from the girls of the dance studio. The viewers also contributed to the atmosphere of warmth and sympathy that raged on the holiday. At the suggestion of the hosts, they expressed their attention and emotions to each other, passing the heart as a symbol of feelings.

In the final of the game for mutual sympathy 3 pairs were formed, but according to the decision of the audience, Viktoriia Tkach and Vyacheslav Ilnitsky became the winners.

The winning pair has received a certificate that gives them the opportunity to choose for themselves the opportunity to experience bright emotions. We hope that the shared impressions will make them even closer to each other and leave a warm memory.

We believe that love is worth the wait, and life is worth loving!

Let your life always be filled with love. Create a bright and pure feeling in your life and it will definitely swallow you whole.

Hope and believe it with all of your heart. Happy Holidays!

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