Graduates of the Accounting and Taxation Department became the winners of the All-Ukrainian Master’s Competition

Graduates of the Accounting and Taxation Department became the winners of the All-Ukrainian Master’s Competition

On the basis of Zhytomyr’s State Technological University, for the third time the All-Ukrainian competition of bachelor and master’s degree in the specialty “Accounting and taxation” took place. This year’s Competition took place in conditions of high competition: 103 master’s and 38 bachelor’s degrees were submitted from 49 higher education institutions.

According to the results by the competition commission, open discussion and evaluation on the basis of certain competitive criteria, the winners included the work of two students of the Accounting and Statistical Faculty of NASAA, who studied under the master’s program “Accounting and taxation in the management of entrepreneurial activity”.

In particular, the diploma of the 1st degree was marked by the master’s work of Dmytro Lyapin (scientific adviser –- Ph.D., associate professor of the department of accounting and taxation Olena Petrakovska), the diploma of the II degree was marked by the master’s work of Kateryna Kovbasko (scientific adviser – D.P., Professor, Head of the Department of Accounting and Taxation Maria Telovata).

It is pleasant that our graduates-masters prepared their master’s works at a high scientific level and became winners in the All-Ukrainian competition.

It is impossible not to notice that for the second year in a row, students of the Academy have won prize-winning places. The competition committee noted the high level of work submitted to the All-Ukrainian competition. At the same time, it is decided to send the following recommendations for higher education institutions to improve the quality of bachelor’s and master’s works: to strengthen the scientific substantiation of proposals in master’s works using mathematical methods; to confirm the relevance of the topic of work, based on statistical studies; adhere to the tendency to reduce the volume of master’s works in order to avoid plagiarism; observance of scientific integrity and illumination in the works of exclusively own scientific thought. Our winners in this competition have tried to comply with such requirements.

Congratulations to the students-winners Dmitry Lyapin and Katerina Kovbasko, their scientific leaders – Olena Petrakovska and Maria Telovata and wish them inexhaustible energy, inspiration, optimism and new fruitful competitive achievements!

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