A master class from the chief accountant of the State Enterprise “Antonov”

A master class from the chief accountant of the State Enterprise “Antonov”

On April 4, 2017 at the National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit at the initiative of the Faculty of Accounting and Audit, Department of Accounting, master-class was held for students and teachers by the Chief Accountant of “Antonov”, Honored Economist of Ukraine, Ph.D in economic Sciences Mykola Mel’nychuk.

The theme of the meeting – “Accountant in enterprise management, knowledge, experience, ethics, communication.”

The event was opened by the first rector of NASAA, Doctor of Economics, professor Oleksandr Redko.

State Enterprise “Antonov” (formerly known as Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex named after Oleg Antonov or ASTC Antonov) – Ukrainian Aircraft Building Concern that combines design office, complex laboratories, pilot plant and testing facility for the development and certification of aircraft. Since April 4, 2015 is part of the state concern “Ukroboronprom.”

The history of this enterprise started in 1946 with the creation of the Development Department (CST-153) at the Novosibirsk aviation plant with the objective to build an agricultural plane CX-1 (An-2), the first flight took place at August 31, 1947. Since 1952, CST moved to Kyiv to start serial production of the An-2.

Last Friday, March 31, 2017, a new AN-132D was raised into the air, the test which was attended by the President of Ukraine.

Mykola Mel’nychuk, concerning of his own experience at “Antonov” as an accountant since 1987 and as the chief accountant since 1993, shared his vision of the role of accountants in the management of the enterprise features of the chief accountant at accounting of a company. The importance of accounting knowledge is in solving economic situations; ability to spread accountant facts of economic life in the most basic components – to record business transactions in the documents required for checking paper form, content and logic; how to see and understand complex activities on the basis of financial information; Accountant cooperation with legal, financial and economic planning services; Accountant sense of identity in defending interests of the company in court and pre-trial processes, ethical aspects of the accounting profession.

Speech by Mykola Mel’nychuk, the examples from the lives and experiences aroused keen interest for both students and teachers. Head of the department of accounting theory, Professor. Natal’ya Malyuha, Head of the Accounting Department, PhD, professor, Marya Telovata, professor of the Department of Accounting Theory, Valery Parkhomenko, lecturer of the Department of Accounting Theory, PhD, Assoc. Nadiya Tsvetkova, Ph.D. Lyudmyla Shkulipa, assistant professor Olena Khoruzhenko, Candidate of Philology. Assoc. Halyna Oleksandrova, most active students interested in various aspects of accounting, headed by our guest and enterprises in general have received highly informative answers.

With the final speech by the first pro-rector Oleksandr Red’ko summarized the outcome of the master class.

The agreement on further cooperation ended this fascinating meeting, particularly because of the possibility of passing students of the Academy pre-diploma practice at “Antonov”, familiarization with the organization and peculiarities of accounting, thematic workshops for students and teachers in the future.

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