Easter tree of joy and happiness in NASAA

Easter tree of joy and happiness in NASAA

On the eve of the Resurrection of Christ is not imposed for taboo of creativity and joy. “Always Rejoice” – wrote the apostle Pavlo.

And we, first-year students and teachers enjoyed talking and working of a master class on creating Easter and decorated decoupage, beads, quelling and bright sparkles and threads (organizers – leaders of the scientific and student mug “SICH” Z. Varavkina and O. Yakovenko).

An interesting presentation about the difference between Easter eggs malyovankas, dryapankamy and the rules applying to their ornament, the symbolism of colors presented by freshman D. Gunko. The master-class has been held by students D. Oleksiyenko and A. Samara.

Joint work – always filled with positive! Little masterpiece eggs and malovanok were made, decorated Easter tree in the lobby of the Academy, all became symbols of joy and positive.

Heads and Methodists have the action. And the best part was our ninth-grade entrants, entering the NASAA family, they have also decorated the Easter tree.

Here it is – a living work, living faith, the belief that you can create beauty with your own hands and give joy to others!

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