Easter Eggs – a symbol of Ukraine

Easter Eggs – a symbol of Ukraine

On the occasion of Ukrainian Festival of Easter Eggs, which takes place in Kiev before Easter, heads of scientific student circle “SICH” Z. Varavkina and O. Yakovenko, first year students, held a round table on “Easter Eggs – a symbol of Ukraine.”

Excellent, great, extraordinary! That is how people felt when they saw our Easter Eggs. It is not surprising that they are perceived as a symbol of Ukraine.

For the round table an informative video presentation called “Pysanka in Ukraine” was prepared by students T. Tkachenko and V. Yaremenko. “Art of dryapynki” was reported by C. Laz’ko and N. Trotsenko. Presentations were made by the following students: I. Petrenko and A. Kirik on “Easter eggs in historical development of Ukraine”, A. Il’yina “Signs and symbols on Easter egg”; E. Nikolaenko “Features of Easter eggs in various regions of Ukraine.”

Students learned that our greatest collection of eggs outside Ukraine is in the Royal Museum in St. Petersburg, the former Museum of Ethnography of the USSR in Krakow and Prague museums.

Recall the words of one of the most famous Ukrainian in the world, T. Shevchenko:

Countryside of the Ukraine –
They’re just like pysankas…

Це чи не найавторитетніша оцінка мистецької вартості писанок.

Thank our ancestors who created and kept this beauty!
Thank Ukrainian pysankas and those who continue to make them!
Glory and God bless our Ukraine to be free!

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