Training courses for employees of the bodies of the State fiscal service of Ukraine

Training courses for employees of the bodies of the State fiscal service of Ukraine

On February 15, 2018, the First Deputy Director of NASOA, Professor O. Red’ko., Deputy Head of the Main Department of the DFS of Kyiv, L.Britska, Head of the Department for Repayment of Debts, S.Voropay solemnly handed over certificates to 173 students who have completed advanced training courses.

According to the signed agreement on the provision of educational services for further training in the Main Department of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine from January 22, on 05.02.18, the teachers of the Department “Accounting and Taxation” conducted courses for civil servants. Professional training was carried out by staff from various structural divisions of the State DPS in Kyiv, namely, the departments of accounting and financing; income monitoring, accounting and reporting systems; coordination and monitoring of VAT refunds; taxes and fees from individuals; debt repayment; administration of income tax; working out of risky business entities and operations.

The training was carried out by highly qualified teachers NASAA: professor, head of the department “Accounting and taxation” Maria Telovata and Ph.D., associate professor of the department Oleksandr Yurchenko.

Students got acquainted with the newest accounting methods and algorithm of filling in the consolidated financial statements of the company in accordance with the NPSBO 2. One of the ways to improve the professionalism of the students was vocational and practical training, which gave the opportunity to expand, deepen and improve previously acquired theoretical knowledge, practical skills and abilities, in the field of accounting, financial accounting, taxation and financial reporting.

The students highly appreciated the organization, professional skills and practical orientation and usefulness of the courses.

For the assistance of the development of the fiscal services of the capital, a significant contribution to improving the professional level of specialists in the field of accounting, taxation and financial reporting, the head of the State Enterprise DFS in Kyiv, L. Demchenko and Deputy Chief, L.Britska, have presented M.Telovata and O.Yurchenko with Gratitude from GUS DFS, Kiev.

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