Spring comes with new beauty…

Spring comes with new beauty…

At the beginning of March, members of student scientific circle “SiCh” of NASAA prepared wall composition “Spring comes with new beauty, and all what lives is glad for it”.

The proper place in this composition is given to exhibition-presentation “Ornithological motives in the poetry of Taras Shevchenko”, which is dedicated to the 202nd birth anniversary of the Kobzar.

Birds are eternal heroes of Ukrainian poetry. Shevchenko T.G. not only always noticed the slightest nuances in appearance and behavior of birds and animals, but also used it successfully for neat characteristic of his characters.

Thats why ornithological motives are present in poetry of Shevchenko with the use of 26 different species of birds. The most often mentioned in the works are eagles – 26 times, pigeons – 24, nightingale – 16, crows, roosters, chickens, owls – 11 cuckoo – 9 sychi – 8, geese – 7, rook – 6 times; raven, falcon, owl – 4 times, crane, swan, duck, magpie – 3, lark, the seagull, sparrow – 2, tern bird fisher (kingfisher), heron, turkey, kite – 1 time.

Thus, we see that works of Shevchenko is the source of healing water that is able to quench the thirst of man with varied interests.

His poetic heritage teaches us to understand nature, to treat her as a close friend, with love and respect. Even in the small chicks to see her great creation. When a person feels in harmony with nature, he feels harmony with himself.

The active part in the preparation of compositions took students: Solyar Elina OA-4, Mishko Tatiana OA-5, Ponomarenko Oksana – OA-2 Pocheketa Svetlana OA-2 Klimchuk Alina F-1, Novikova Ilona PS-1.

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