A masterclass by the head of the “Accounting and Audit” magazine

A masterclass by the head of the “Accounting and Audit” magazine

On April 24, 2017 at the National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit at the initiative of the Faculty of accounting and audit, department of accounting theory, in celebration of the Week of the Faculty of Accounting and Audit, a master-class has been held by the director of scientific and practical journal “Accounting and Audit “, PhD, Associate Professor Y. Yanchenko for students and faculty.

The theme of the meeting:  “Accountant and society: expectations and requirements”

Moderators of the event – head of the Department of Accounting Theory Prof. N. Malyuha and Ph.D., professor of the Department of Accounting Theory V. Parkhomenko.

“Accounting and Audit” – a well-known scholars and practitioners magazine founded in 1993, and the first issue of which was published in January 1994. And for over 20 years the pages of this magazine cover events in accounting and auditing issues of regulation, reform, reveal new trends and scientific achievements. The magazine has government awards.

To have a publication in the journal “Accounting and Audit” – prestige for any scientist. Editorial board imposes high requirements for professional publications.

By the way, a member of the editorial board is a Doctor of Economics, professor of the Department of Accounting Theory V. Parkhomenko.

Y. Yanchenko from his own rich experience as a teacher, entrepreneur, director, shared his thoughts, on what knowledge should one have to be successful in life, in demand of the labor market. The master class was built around the following issues:

  • What should be taught? What does interdisciplinary communication mean?
  • What should be the behavior of accountants in relations with top managers, owners, team?

Yuriy has shown examples from the lives and experiences, which aroused keen interest from both students and faculty.

The result of this interesting meeting was an agreement on further cooperation, including publishing in the journal “Accounting and Audit” by teachers and students of the Academy, and a thematic workshops in the future.

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