I All-Ukrainian Student Scientific Conference “Digitalization of Society and Business: Challenges and Opportunities for Youth”

I All-Ukrainian Student Scientific Conference “Digitalization of Society and Business: Challenges and Opportunities for Youth”

On April 15, 2021, using the Zoom platform, the First All-Ukrainian Student Scientific Conference in memory of Doctor of Economics, Professor Volodymyr Kadievsky, “Digitalization of Society and Business: Challenges and Opportunities for Youth” was held.

The purpose of the event was the activization of the scientific potential of student youth, discussion of the current issues of digital transformation of the economy and other areas of everyday life.

The participants were greeted by the first vice-rector of NASAA, Doctor of Economics, Professor Liudmyla Momotiuk.

The Conference included three sections, each of which covered the most relevant aspects of modern digitalization of society, particularly:

  •     Software and hardware for the digital transformation of all spheres of life
  •     Mathematics as the basis of processes and tasks in the digital economy
  •     Economic and mathematical methods and models in building a smart society

Each of the areas of the Conference was interesting for students from various higher education institutions of Ukraine who took part in the event.

The students’ reports addressed the issues of digitalization of education, medical care, agricultural production, cooperation with government services, smart cities in the world and Ukraine. The question of the possible increase in unemployment due to digitalization provoked a lively discussion.

Particular attention was paid to the application of mathematical methods for solving economic problems and economic-mathematical modeling of objects and processes. All the provisions were illustrated with real examples, which made the explanation of mathematical considerations meaningful and informal.

The Conference was attended by students of NASAA, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, University of State Fiscal Service, Kyiv Institute of Business and Technology, University of Modern Knowledge, as well as the Professional College of Business and Analytics of NASAA. About 100 people attended the Conference; about 60 abstracts were submitted for publication. Representatives of higher education institutions and research institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine took part in the discussion with considerable interest.

For most students, this was the first experience of public speaking with scientific reports. We wish everyone further success in their studies, work and subsequent achievements in scientific research!

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