Development of International Coperation: NASAA — Eberhard Schoeck Foundation (Germany)

Development of International Coperation: NASAA — Eberhard Schoeck Foundation (Germany)

NASAA expands its international relations due to improving of educational level at the Academy. Thus according to this aim, Cooperation with Schoeck Foundation (Germany) has been started.

Priority objective of the Fund — is support for the businesses creation and the middle class development. The middle class should contribute to the consolidation of democracy and the market economy in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The fund provides the transferring know-how with its activities and projects as well as it develops the economic, social, structural, political and educational and political topics. In addition, a forum for international understanding, which serves mutual understanding, respect and friendship of the peoples is provided.

Within the framework of cooperation with NASAA Fund, The range of seminars for both students and lecturers due to positive development and reforming in European transformations in Ukraine

On 8 April 2015 the first seminar on “European Political Experience on Example of politic system of Germany” was held. It revealed the particular features and difference in Formation and Historical Development of Political Systems both of Ukraine and Germany as well as Influence on Modern Political and Economic Systems of Countries.

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