To the depths of the native word

To the depths of the native word

On the XXX session of the UNESCO General Conference (17.11.1999) it was announced, to “support the linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism” to celebrate International Mother Language Day on February 21 every year starting from 2000.

Since of the 6000 spoken languages in the world, about half are threatened with extinction, UNESCO seeks to maintain the language as a sign of the cultural identity among people.

Therefore, the International Mother Language Day heads the scientific student workshop “SICH” (“Word and Time”) have offered to faculty and students to join the writing of a dictation-joke (in place of admission to insert the missing orthograms and punktograms) to check their level of the written Ukrainian language.

On this day, freshmen recited poems about language, have participated in the language quiz “In the depths of the word.”

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