Defense of the master works of the Faculty of Accounting and Audit of NASAA

Defense of the master works of the Faculty of Accounting and Audit of NASAA

The National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit, on the 23-24 of January, 2017, has organized a defense of master works of the students of AA(m) 11.01/1.2.

Defense of the master’s works is an important milestone in the life of each student, marking the graduation and obtaining the diploma.

This procedure included the report of the student, designed demonstration material, presentation of the content of the theme of which was prepared in advance. As a result of the defense of master’s theses Examination Board, chaired by professors Herasimovich A, Sopko V, have decided to work on estimates and their protection, qualification of Master of specialty 8.03050901 “Accounting and Auditing” and issue a state diploma.

It should be noted that the students completed their research very efficiently; their high level was noted by all members of the EC. Particularly noteworthy Master students: Vodzins’koho V, Zadorozhko A, Koval’chuk V, Kolcha O, Kaluzhs’kykh N, Kozachenko V, Mosiychuk A, Myshko T, Novosyadloyi T, Pykhtin L, Ratsinoyi I, Yarmolenko M.

The members of the Examination Commission for the defense have noted that Master’s students have demonstrated a high enough level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in professional disciplines that are acquired during training at the Academy and recommended for further study in graduate school.

Congratulations to the students on a successful defense and we wish them new victories and achievements!

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