Accredited master’s program sets for “Accounting and Auditing in Business Administration”

Accredited master’s program sets for “Accounting and Auditing in Business Administration”

Фото: Сертифікат ACCA.2 June 2016 by the Commission on Accreditation Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (hereinafter – ACCA) is accredited master’s program sets for “Accounting and Auditing in Business Administration” five tests for ACCA exams, including:

  1. F1 «The role of the accountant in the business environment”
  2. F2 «Management Accounting”
  3. F3 «Financial Accounting”
  4. F4 «Corporate and Business Law”
  5. F8 «Audit and Assurance”

The developer of the program made by qualified staff audit department and the head of this program is Chair, Prof. Nicholas D. Korinko.

This program is unique because it provides an opportunity for students without taking additional exams and raising funds receive five credits for ACCA exams.

This high level of theoretical and practical training of students is the key to obtaining certificates ACCA their successful employment and professional growth in the future. Cooperation with ACCA provides a good combination of advantages in sets for classical academic school training future professionals and necessary for the successful employment of graduates of the Academy of practical experience, abilities and skills.

Receiving credits for ACCA exams, the accredited program, is based on the presentation of the said petition Academy diploma and without any additional exams and fees.

These certificates are preferred in the process of passing job interviews by graduates with employers to enroll in the appropriate position.

ACCA – is a global association of professionals in finance and accounting. The purpose of the Association – to offer the best training for practical, capable and ambitious people around the world who aspire to a successful career in accounting, auditing , finance and management. Knowledge gained in the ACCA, the requirements of employers in any sector and guarantee training of specialists of a wide profile. Continuous improvement and increased training designed to meet the needs of both students and employers.

ACCA is working with state authorities, international and professional organizations to develop financial profession worldwide and maintaining public interest. The desire to ensure the transparency of the financial profession globally to increase confidence in the financial system, promote foreign investment and economic development.

ACCA offers advice and sharing expertise with its partners in developing countries to help them develop their potential and improve standards. Work carried out in the following areas:

  • Creating professional accounting organizations, including work on draft laws, statutes and internal regulations;
  • Formation management structure and personnel structure;
  • Strategic planning, regulation and professional standards, including the development of the legal framework in the field of ethics, monitoring activities, inspections and discipline, training and certification, including the awarding of qualifications , retraining and professional development and training of teachers;
  • And adoption and implementation of the Regulation on the liability of organizations – members of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).

ACCA is the official partner of more than 70 accounting organizations around the world and cooperates with them in areas such as monitoring activities, support of the implementation of training policies, the implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the implementation of 18 joint programs of examinations.

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