The Academy has celebrated the International Poetry Day

The Academy has celebrated the International Poetry Day

Поезія – це завжди неповторність,
Якийсь безсмертний дотик до душі
Л. Костенко

On the occasion of the International Poetry Day, on March 21, at 13 am, in the hall there was a memorable NASAA meeting for teachers and students with a modern poet, critic, translator, journalist, Ph.D., member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine and the Independent Association of Journalists Lesya Mudrak.

Inna Odesyuk has set a creative atmosphere to start off the show, by performing the song of Ani Lorak. Then the Outrageous Ukrainian poet was amazing for its explicit erotic lyrics and equally frank manner of reading.

Lesya explained that it has long been a tradition to sing with erotic sense in Ukrainian culture, it takes roots in Ukrainian folk art – songs and ballads, it is reflected in the Baroque poets of XVI-XVII centuries, a kind of sequel to the lyric poets of the sixties.

With delight and amazement the guests have listened to Lesya’s lecture, they have enjoyed not only her poetry, but prose as well. Lesya has introduced the audience to her disciple, Serhiy Savin, a 2nd year student of the Faculty of Journalism of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

The room was filled with light and emotions.

The creative meeting has ended with the Rector of the Academy Oleksandr Osaulenko thanking the queen of erotic poetry and has wished her to continue to impress readers with highly energetic verses, unexpected metaphors and vivid performances, to remain just as impressive, emotional and real.

The musical composition represented by Anastasiya Balashevych, a student of the Academy, has been the pleasant end to the meeting.

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