Open Day “Winter 2018”!

Open Day “Winter 2018”!
Duration: -
Location: Aud. 207, st. Pidgirna 1, NASAA, Kyiv, 04107

Dear future entrants and their parents! The National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit invites you to the Open Doors Day, which start at 10:00 in the audience # 207.

The guests will be able to get the necessary information about the Academy, its modern material and technical base, scientific and pedagogical potential, the main areas of international cooperation, the diversity of student life, as well as information on the conditions of admission to NASAA, parallel training in Poland under the “Double Diploma” program and preparation for UPE in the preparatory courses.

The open day at the Academy is an opportunity for future students to not only get acquainted with the educational institution, but also to communicate with the deans of faculties, heads of graduating departments, employees of the career guidance department and the admissions committee.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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