Integrated vocational guidance work is a guarantee of a successful set of talented youth

Integrated vocational guidance work is a guarantee of a successful set of talented youth

The experience of vocational guidance work of the department and the pedagogical staff of the Academy shows that individual activities in educational institutions, performances among students are not always fully effective and do not allow to achieve the desired results. Only a comprehensive approach provides the opportunity to be at the center of attention of students, to raise their interest, and in the future – to contribute to the formation of motivation to choose a higher educational institution to obtain a particular profession.

This may be a series of career-oriented activities of informational, advertising and cultural-creative nature. So, let’s say, participation in trade fairs with the subsequent departure to specific schools, vocational guidance work among students, speeches at parent’s meetings, with the completion of excursions to the Academy. At the same time, in these schools you can hold master classes, competitions of works of economic direction.

So, the employees of the vocational guidance department together with the dean of the faculty O. Pylypenko, the director of the college, O. Yurchenko, conducted complex work at the secondary school № 139 in Kyiv. Previously, they spoke at the parents’ meeting of 9-11 grades with further professional orientation work among the students, conducted an excursion to the Academy, where the students directly got acquainted with the ZVO. Those who have received individual consultations of teachers of mathematics and the Ukrainian language on introductory tests, met with the heads of graduate departments. In parallel, students of secondary school №139 took an active part in creative and intellectual games on the 1st and 2nd rounds and showed good preparations. 14 students of secondary school № 139 are already attending preparatory courses and determined in their intentions to join the Academy or the NASAA Business and Analysts College at the end of the school.

Such an approach was also chosen by associate professor T. Sakada in work with students of secondary school №267, associate professors L. Svistun-Zolotarenko and O. Yurchenko in the secondary school “Logos” (participation in parental meetings, professional orientation work in classes, excursion to the academy); associate professor H. Holubovoy with the department of student work of the Fastiv district, town Hlevahi (Fair of professions in Fastov, school attendance, invitation to the academy); Branch Office, Dean V. Parkhomenko in the secondary school of the city of Chyhyryn, Cherkasy region, village. Dymer of the Vyshgorod district (class work, conducting the Brain-Ring intellectual game on economics, excursion to the Academy, participation of students in the intellectual game “The Smartest”); Professor T. Bondaruk in work with students of the Economic College of KNEU (speeches to college students, video presentation, excursion to the Academy); Department of Physical Education, V. Parkhomenko, O. Pylypenko, vocational guidance work at Rzhyshchiv industrial-pedagogical college (speeches to students, scientific methodical and advisory work with pedagogical staff, excursion to the academy, participation in student’s scientific conference) and others.

Let’s hope that a large number of students of these educational institutions will choose our Academy.

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