Advanced Training of «Scientific-pedagogical workers (organizers) of distance learning at LSN Moodle»

Advanced Training of «Scientific-pedagogical workers (organizers) of distance learning at LSN Moodle»

Teachers of the National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit successfully passed the advanced training in the category of “Scientific-pedagogical workers (organizers) of distance learning at LSN Moodle”.

The courses of advanced training were conducted by the Central Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education of the State University of Educational Sciences “University of Education Management” of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.

Within two weeks the teachers actively improved their pedagogical skills, social psychological readiness and acquired innovative experience in order to further train students on the latest knowledge and skills using the latest tools and technologies.

After the defense of their graduation works, all participants of the program received certificates of advanced training.

The students of the advanced training courses express their gratitude to the heads and teachers of the Departments of Philosophy and Adult Education (D.Sc., Prof. V. Sidorenko, D.Sc., Prof. T. Sorochan, D.P. Prof. L. Panchenko, Ph.D., Associate Professor Y. Shven, Ph.D., Associate Professor M. Illyaev, Ph.D. O. Samoylenko) Psychology and Management (Doctor of Psychology, Prof. O. Bondarchuk, Senior Lecturer N. Hordienko, Senior Lecturer O. Prokopenko, Public Administration and Development (Doctor of Pedagogy) Prof. N. Klokar, Ph.D., Associate Professor N. Lubchenko, Ph.D. L. Olifiri, Professional and Higher Education and Law ( A. Kovalchuk.) who shared their professional skills, experience and authoring techniques with us.

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