Scientific activity of the department

In recent years, the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department has published more than 20 textbooks and monographs, more than 120 articles in Ukrainian and foreign editions. Publications of scientific and pedagogical staff of the department contributed to launching a special section “Statistics” in the “Scientific Bulletin of the National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit.”

The department is the organizer of the annual International scientific and practical conference «The system of state statistics in Ukraine: current status, problems and prospects.” The results of the conference are published in a special volume of scientific works, the authors of which are scientists, scientific and pedagogical workers, statisticians, doctoral candidates, postgraduate students and students of economic specialties of higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

Research at the Department of Statistics is carried out on the topic:

“Development of statistical support for the study of socio-economic development of the regions of Ukraine in modern conditions”

  • state registration number – 0113U005980;
  • scientific supervisor – Herasymenko Serhiy Serhiiovych, Doctor of Economics, Professor;
  • performers – research and teaching staff, doctoral students and graduate students of the Department of Statistics;
  • deadline for implementation – 01.09.2013 – 01.09.2020.