Serhii S. Herasymenko

Фото: Герасименко Сергій Сергійович.Serhii S. Herasymenko – Head of the Department of Statistics, Doctor of Economics, Professor.

Doctor of Economic Sciences, 08.00.10 statistics “Statistical provision of training and distribution of specialists with higher education”. DT No. 011479 Protocol No. 46d / 35 of December 13, 1991. Professor of the Department of Economic Statistics PRAR №200992 Protocol No. 314. Professor AP AR No. 001992 Minutes No. 314 dated June 24, 1999.

He has delivered reports at more than 50 scientific and scientific and practical conferences including more than 30 international ones (namely in Germany, France, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland).

Management of doctoral students, graduate students and applicants:

  • defended 1 doctoral dissertation;
  • 15 candidate dissertations were defended.


More than 150 scientific works with a total volume of more than 60 printed sheets have been prepared and published including 3 monographs and more than 30 publications in foreign editions in English, French and Polish, the list of which is presented by the links:

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-6522-3091

Total scientific and pedagogical experience is 45 years.

Contact information


Cabinet № 305, Department of Statistics, NASAA

phone: +380 (44) 489-42-56