Traditional Shevchenko readings

Traditional Shevchenko readings

Read Shevchenko and there you will find
the history and soul of the Ukrainian people.
Vasyl’ Stefanyk

Traditionally, on March 9, members of the group “Sich” held Shevchenko readings, honoring the brilliant singer of Ukrainian people, who rightly is on a par with such titans of thought and speech, as Homer and Shakespeare, Schiller and Heine, Balzac and Hugo, Mickiewicz and Burns, Rustaveli, Nizami, and whose artistic heritage became the property of all progressive mankind.

In the beginning the students watched an interesting presentation prepared by second year student Yuliya Yur, and then recited poetry, excerpts from famous poems and ballads of the Great Kobzar. After reading the fine young men and women were trying to answer the question, what is the phenomenon Shevchenko?

At the end of the session interesting thoughts were given by the freshmen who noticed: the whole work of the great poet warmed love for the motherland, imbued with boundless horizons of a spiritual space.

A phenomenon of Shevchenko is that he was able to portray the present by exposing societal problems which, unfortunately, did not pass to the change of the century, or the change of political system. With all the Authorities, important will always be Truth and Freedom. Shevchenko will not soon and probably never lose its relevance. Find your own Shevchenko!

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