Intellectual game “The Smartest” 2018

Intellectual game “The Smartest” 2018

On April 17, the second round of the intellectual game “The Smartest” was held. The winners of the first round came to the Academy for the second round on the results of the intellectual game “Brain-ring” and participants of the contest of pupils’ works.

A total of 62 pupils from 9-11 classes took part, including:

  • pupils of secondary school №1, secondary school №2, secondary school number 3 in Chyhyryn, Cherkasy region;
  • students of vocational technical school, gymnasium and winners of student competitions in Shostka, Sumy region;
  • students of gymnasium and school №1, village Dimer, Vyshgorod district, Kyiv region;
  • students of the specialized school №139 with in-depth study of mathematics in Kyiv.

The creative event was complex and included:

  • Intellectual game “The Smartest”;
  • presentation of works on the results of the All-Ukrainian competition on “IT-fantasy and cybernetics” in nominations:
  • “The favorite gadget is my friend and companion in business activity”;
  • “Algorithms around us”;
  • “If I traveled the world, what would I tell and show about Ukraine?”

Intellectual and creative game “The Smartest” was held by the Academy’s leading duo, talented and charismatic Irina Vasheka and Andrei Sinyakov that throughout the event, thanks to the artistry and craftsmanship, maintained a good mood of all participants.

The jury consisting of the following experts has evaluated the competition:

  • Halina Batrbekovna Cherusheva – the head of the department of vocational guidance work;
  • Victoria Viktorivna Parkhomenko – Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Economics;
  • Alexey Ivanovich Pylypenko – Dean of the Faculty of Accounting and Statistics;
  • Daria Mikhailovna Serba – Head of the training department.

The best video presentation “favorite gadget – my friend and partner in business activity» was presented by the Victoria Klyuchko, who took the 1st place.

“The Smartest” included a set of tasks in categories: mathematics and art; traditions of Ukraine and writing; wisdom and literature; geography and economic alphabet; a mix.

Most participants demonstrated erudition on a wide range of issues.

All students received certificates for the submitted competitions and participation in creative competitions.

According to the results of the intellectual game “The Smartest”, the jury determined the winners who received certificates:

  1. place – Vladislav Sekom, Milana Stetsenko, Diana Ivanova.
  2. place – Darina Horhol, Valery Vlasyuk, Serhiy Chyzh.
  3. place – Anastasia Tetyunyk, Diana Petrenko, Bohdan Khukhalenko, Oleksanderr Bedunov.

After the event, individual interviews with students and representatives of schools provided additional information about admission to the Academy, features and benefits of academic mobility in the learning process.

The guests of the capital, with the support of the Academy Administration, had an excursion to the historical places of Kiev.

Active part in the organization of the event took Methodist of the Academy and first-year students Tatiana Fursik, Radislav Klekovkin, Yulia Les’, Evhene Yakovets, Yuriy Kostiuk, who greeted guests and escorted them at all times, conducted a tour of the Academy. Students Yulia Maistryuk, Anastasia Denysyuk, Oleksiy Zahorodniy created a festive atmosphere with their creative performances.

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