Heroes’ holiday: “No end to Cossack kin”

Heroes’ holiday: “No end to Cossack kin”

On October 13, students of the Academy’s 1-2 courses celebrated the Intercession of the Theotokos, Day of Ukrainian Cossacks and its Defenders.

Born were we, from that of a great hour
From the conflagration of war, from the flames of fires,
Nurtured us was the pain, in loosing Ukraine,
Fed us was the rage, and anger at the enemies

It was with these words that the head of the scientific student circle “SICH”, Z. Varavkina, addressed the students and congratulated on the Day of the defender of Ukraine. She noted that the religious holiday of the Intercession of the Theotokos coincided with military holidays, as she was always the Protector of the Cossacks and the UPA soldiers, and today we ask the Holy Mother of God to protect the warriors of the ATO and the peaceful sky for Ukraine.

In the poetic lines students showed the victory of the Ukrainian army, the spirit of patriotism, the great role of love for the Motherland, sacrificial devotion and soldiers of different periods of the liberation struggle.

Cricle members Yulia Yur and Elizaveta Nikolaenko prepared a wall exhibition about the outstanding hetmans of Ukraine: “No end to Cossack kin”. The students were also congratulated by the dean of the financial faculty, Viktoria Parkhomenko.

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