Results of the Conference of Scientific Youth “Economic Future of Ukraine”

Results of the Conference of Scientific Youth “Economic Future of Ukraine”

The teachers and students of NASAA took part in the conference of scientific youth “Economic Future of Ukraine”, which took place on March 30, 2018 in Kyiv, at the initiative of the Ukrainian Association of the Club of Rome together with the Kyiv International Economic Forum (CMEF).

The conference brought together more than 350 economists and lecturers from leading universities across the country and was devoted to the formation of a new economic policy and entrepreneurship. That is why its active participants were ambitious and focused, post-graduate students and students of NASAA, under the direction of the professors of the Department of Foreign Economic Management and the Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance – N. Reznikova and T. Bondaruk, namely, Irina Melnychuk, Denis Petrunya, Alyona Luhovska, Victoria Beloyvan, Inessa Pavlenko and Elizaveta Nikolayenko.

Підсумки конференції наукової молоді «Економічне майбутнє України». Фото №1.

Nelson Mandela’s statement is interesting and worthwhile:

Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.

We strive to know the world in the context of economic life and engage in its development.

Key international top conference speakers:

Ключові міжнародні ТОП-спікери конференції.

Garry Jacobs, Eric Reinert, Anders Vikman

The main purpose of the conference is to help talented Ukrainian youth to become architects of the best economic and social reality. To give prospective scholars valuable pointers and integrate their energy around the ideas of balanced and socially oriented economic development.

We hope that the key knowledge and ideas received at the conference will help develop confidence and promote the effective implementation of this knowledge in the country’s socio-economic life.

Підсумки конференції наукової молоді «Економічне майбутнє України». Фото №2.

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