Welcome to the professional collection “Accounting, analysis and audit: issues, theory, methodology, organization”

Welcome to the professional collection “Accounting, analysis and audit: issues, theory, methodology, organization”
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Dear colleagues! The Department of Accounting of the National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit invites you to take part in the writing of scientific articles in the professional book “Accounting, analysis and audit: issues, theory, methodology, organization” №2 (17), dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Department of Accounting of NASAA.

The following are allowed to participate: scholars, professors, doctoral students, graduate students, applicants.

For publication, hand-written article should be sent by the November 20, 2016 electronically.


Requirements for content and the articles in the collection of scientific papers “Accounting, analysis and audit: issues, theory, methodology and organization”. The collection accepts hand-written scientific works that have never been published and are not intended for simultaneous publication elsewhere. Authors – no more than three.

  • Content of the articles must meet the thematic focus of the collection, the modern scientific and technical level and the new requirements of the decree of the presidium of HAC Ukraine from 15.01.2003 №7-05 / 1.
    • The volume of the article – 8-16 printed pages with two or three illustrations (graphs). At the outset it should be noted: full name (initials) of co-authors, academic degree, title, name of the institution.
    • Materials submitted in electronic format and hard copy, typed in a text editor MS Word. A-4 format, font – Times New Roman 16 pins, spacing 1.5, all fields mirrored, top right 2 cm. Bottom right 3 cm.
    • The article has to draw the attention to the urgent problems and propose ways to resolve it. At the end of the article you must submit a list of references, which must be issued in the form 23 “Examples of bibliographic description in the source list, which is cited in the thesis, and a list of publications that cited in the abstract” (WAC Order of 26.01.2008 №63).
  • Tables, graphs, figures and schemes should be numbered and have a title. Links to sources of information are mandatory.
  • To the article added: annotation expanded Ukrainian, Russian and English languages, keyword research topic.
  • The cost of publishing scientific articles in the professional collection – 30 UAH per page.
  • The article should be signed by the author (authors).
  • Researchers of reputable experience in the field of the article are involved in the review.
    Copyright copy of it will be sent to the email address specified by the authors of scientific articles.

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