He Worked More Than He Was Alive…

He Worked More Than He Was Alive…

Before the anniversary of Boris Hrinchenko (09.12.1863 – 06.05.1910), the students of the scientific circle “SICH” together with the students of NASAA held a round table devoted to this tireless figure of the Ukrainian culture. Before the performances of the students, the documentary film “Great Enlightener” was watched.

From the reports of fellow students, the students learned that Hrinchenko is not only the author of the famous 4-volume explanatory Dictionary of the Ukrainian Language, but also a poet, prose writer, playwright, lexicographer, ethnographer folklorist, linguist, teacher, author of textbooks for junior schoolchildren, translator, journalist , the editor of the newspaper “Hromadskaya Dumka” and the magazine “New community”, the chairman of the Kyiv “Prosvita”, founder of the first public library in Kiev – Boris Hrinchenko has made a lot of impact in everything he touched

Students read verses and tales of the poet. We are proud of our Ukrainian comrade, whose contemporaries called him “the true universalist, the eastern I. Franko.” If Franko is the Great Masonry for us, then Hrinchenko is the Great Enlightener.

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