The Student Parliament

Student Government is an integral part of the public municipality of the National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit. Student Government – it’s a right and an opportunity for students to address issues of training and welfare, protection of rights and interests of students, and participation in the management of higher education institution.

Student Government brings together all students of the National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit (hereinafter – Academy), so all students have equal rights and be elected and to be elected to the workers, advisory, and other student government tasks.

Student Government is an active participant in public life. In the program «Tempus» (EU schemes of cooperation in higher education) student government is defined as a priority for Ukraine in the sphere of higher education institutions.

For example, in Western Europe it is difficult to find a higher education institution, which would not have the student government .This formal requirement of European legislation is highly effective in implementing it in practice in higher education. The student government in higher education in Europe is not only representative, they actively protect the interests of students. They act as intermediaries between the administration of the university and student community, providing them with effective communication.

Student Government provides protection of rights and interests of all students as well as their participation in the process of Academy governing. Student Governing is being done directly by students on behalf of Student Government, members of which are getting elected by direct secret ballot among students.

In its function Student Government is guided by Ukrainian law “About education”, “About higher education”,  Academy Charter and The Provisions of the Student Government Academy, approved by the Conference of students of the Academy, minutes of 17.05.2015 №1 and approved by the Academic Council of the Academy, minutes of 31.08.2015 №1.

The purpose of student government is to facilitate the implementation of student obligations and create the conditions for self-identity of students of the Academy and the formation of their organizational skills, leadership qualities, and responsibility for the outcome of their work and so on. Student Government activities are aimed at providing education and spiritual culture of students of the Academy, the increase in students social activity.