Youth movement “Young Generation”

Фото: МГО «ЯНГ ДЖЕНЕРЕЙШН».Youth public organization “Young Generation” is an association of scientists, leading experts of the economic sector and active students.

The “Young Generation” youth public organization’s main goals are:

  • Association of students and others for the organization of student scientific researches;
  • Promoting for quality improvement of scientific and practical training of students;
  • Expanding of general and professional outlook of the students;
  • Implementation and support of measures for the Academy image improvement among other universities through involvement of students to research activity of NASAA;
  • Holding interuniversity round tables and conferences in NASAA;
  • Participation in the elaboration of documents regarding to the organization of educational process in NASAA;
  • Promoting for organization and development of international interuniversity cooperation of students;
  • Satisfying of other needs and interests of students.

Contact information


Room # 307, 1 Pidhirna str., NASAA, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04107

Secretary Phone: +380 (93) 833-52-16
Head Phone: +380 (93) 112-29-08