Postgraduate and Doctoral studies

Head of Department


Svitlana V. Shulha

Position: Vice-rector for scientific-pedagogical and financial-economic work, Professor
PhD, Associate Professor
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Postgraduate and Doctoral studies of National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit (hereinafter Academy) is a structural unit of Academy, whose main task is to prepare the scientific and pedagogical personnel of higher qualification.

Future scientists and teachers are trained by specialties:

  • 08.00.09 – Accounting, analysis and audit (by types of economic activity);
  • 08.00.10 – Statistics.

To postgraduate course on a competitive basis are taken people, who have higher education and qualified as specialist or master.

Applicants to postgraduate pass their entrance exams, which include one special discipline, philosophy and one of foreign languages on your own choice (English, German, and French).

Applicants who passed all or part of candidate examinations at the time of admission to postgraduate course are exempted from the relevant entrance exams to postgraduate study and marks of candidate tests will be counted.


Applicants to postgraduate study of the Academy should submit the following documents:

  • Application addressed to the Rector of the Academy with an indication of cipher and specialty;
  • 2 photos 3×4;
  • Copies of diplomas (of Specialist or Master);
  • List of scientific publications (if an applicant has it);
  • Summary on dissertation topic;
  • 2 copies of the first page of passport;
  • 2 folders (1 – binder, 1 – with outsets);
  • Passport, Diploma, Diploma Supplement (with grades (marks)) have been provided personally;
  • Copies of Diploma Supplement (with grades (marks));
  • Personnel data sheet (should be certified and sealed by the personnel department of the candidate’s place of work);
  • Autobiography (detailed);
  • Examinations Certificates (form 2.2) of the passed candidates’ tests (for applicants who fully or partially passed them);
  • 2 copies of identification code;
  • A copy of the labour book (should be certified and sealed by the personnel department of the candidate’s place of work);
  • 10 envelopes, stationery.

The duration of study of postgraduate studies in the Academy is 4 years.

Contact information


Сabinet # 68b, Postgraduate and Doctoral studies, NASAA

Phone: +380 (44) 484-48-93
Mobile: +380 (50) 352-01-35