Department of Foreign Languages

Групове фото відсутнє.The history of the Foreign Languages Chair as an independent structural unit of NASAA dates back to 2000. From 2005 to 2017 it was called the Chair of Modern European Languages. From 2003 to 2012 the department was headed by associate professor L.H. Strelnikova.

In January 2013, M.M. Goriunova, PhD in Philology, Associate Professor was elected the Head of the Department.

The teaching staff of the department includes 12 persons, among them 5 associate professors, PhDs in Philology, 7 senior lecturers.

Head of Department

  • Maryna M. Horiunova, PhD in Philology.

Contact information


Office #204, 1, Pidhirna str., NASAA, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04107

tel.: +380 (44) 486-36-51

Teachers of the of Foreign Languages Chair provide educational process in the language disciplines for students of the accounting, statistical, financial and economics faculties of full-time study, correspondence and distance departments, of preparatory courses for entrants and foreign students. They also prepare postgraduates and applicants for passing PhD exams in foreign languages.

The specialists of the department teach the following normative and selective disciplines, special courses:

  • Foreign language (English, German);
  • Business English;
  • Business German;
  • Foreign language for educational and scientific communication;
  • Documentation;
  • Ukrainian language for professional purposes;
  • Ukrainian / Russian as a foreign language;
  • Ukrainian language for entrants;
  • English for professional purposes (a distance course);
  • Ukrainian for professional purposes (a distance course);
  • Polish (a practical course).

Within the framework of the European Union’s ERASMUS + program on academic mobility of students and teachers and the opportunity for students of the academy to study at partner universities, the Chair offers a language course of Polish.