Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship

Фото: Загальне фото співробітників кафедри економіки підприємств.The department’s of Economy of enterprises history started in 1986. Since December 12, 1986, entitled “The department of social sciences, planning and management” it was a structural unit of the Ukrainian branch of the Intersectoral Institute for Skill Upgrading of the USSR State Statistics Committee. The modern name for the chair of economics of enterprises was given on the 1st of September 2000.

The department is headed by Doctor of Economics, professor Popova V.V., who is the author of over 160 scientific works and three sole monographs.

Regulations on the Enterprise Economics Department.

Head of Department

  • Valentyna V. Popova, Doctor of Economics, professor.

Contact information


Office #98 (6th floor), 1, Pidhirna str., NASAA, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04107

tel.: +380 (44) 486-98-28

Employees of the department of Economy of enterprices made a considerable amount of researches and published more than 250 scientific works. Developed conclusions, offers of department’s scientists are implemented in the production and are used by the heads and experts of enterprises from various sectors of economy of Ukraine.

Teachers take active part in international conferences, round tables, talking about the boundaries of the department activities. Lecturers conduct fundamental and applied researches in marketing, management, business economics, macroeconomics, statistics, etc. That researches allow to provide students with the newest knowledges most actively.