The Faculty of Finance and Economics

Фото: Загальне фото співробітників деканату фінансового факультету.The Faculty of Finance and Economics was founded in 2000, nowadays, it is the leading faculty in the Academy. About 700 full-time students are studying on the basis of this faculty.

Management of faculty

  • Acting Dean: Viktoriia V. Parkhomenko, PhD in economics, associate professor.

Contact information


Office #40, 1, Pidhirna str., NASAA, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04107

tel.: +380 (44) 484-47-90

Lessons schedule

  • Schedule for full-time students of Faculty of Finance.

Week of the Faculty of Finance is noted in October (4th week).


The Faculty includes the following departments:

  • The Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship
  • The Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance
  • The Department of Foreign Languages
  • The Department of Management of Foreign Economic Activity
  • The Department of Philosophy and Social-Humanitarian Disciplines


Faculty of Finance trains specialists:

  • educational qualification level of Bachelor in the direction of “Finances and Credit”;
  • educational qualification level of specialist in specialties “Finance and Credit”, “Banking”;
  • educational qualification level of master in specialties “Finance and Credit”, “Banking”.

Master’s programs

“Financial management in business”

The program provides training for professionals who have deep knowledge of financial management of business entities in various fields. Education by the master’s program “Financial Management in Business” provides training for specialists, who can by themselves take effective decisions on the financial management of business entities and is forming financiers of modern generation.

Trained  by this program experts can work as heads of financial services, financial managers and analysts, financial controllers in enterprises and organizations of different sectors and branches of economy, to develop financial strategies of enterprises.

“Public financial management”

The program provides training for specialists who have deep knowledge about the formation, distribution and using of financial resources at the macroeconomic level, particularly – the formation and implementation of public financial strategy and tactics; management of budget revenues and expenditures of state and state entities; cash flow management; organization and conduction of state financial control; state financial planning, forecasting and regulation of financial relations at the macro level.

Trained by this program experts can work in the Ministry of Finances of Ukraine, the State financial inspection, the State Treasury and other government financial institutions, financial services managers of state enterprises and also in institutions of financial market.

“Banking Management”

The program provides training for specialists who have deep knowledge in the field of banking. Future specialists learn to analyze the activities of banks, to form a strategic plan and business plan of the bank development; to study and assess the financial status of banks; conduct inspections of banks; Intra audits; develop performance  of  banks  and their clients assessment; strategy for economic and social development of the bank.

Trained by this program experts can work:

  • As heads of departments, branches and representative offices of commercial banks;
  • As heads and specialists of commercial banks departments;
  • As heads of departments and experts of the National Bank of Ukraine;
  • As heads and specialists of non-banking credit institutions;
  • As financial analysts;
  • As managers of financial leasing, factoring and other areas of financial intermediation.